Brown Consult T/A Help for Schools are delighted to announce we are a CHAS accredited company

The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme is a scheme that aims to help both suppliers and buyers evaluate health and safety. This assurance is very important in all industries supported by the scheme as the company registered can then demonstrate their health and safety standards. This is vital for companies in our sector because it provides the assurance that we can deliver projects and consultancy to the customer safely.

The scheme also helps customers save time by avoiding the need to assess contractors’ health and safety standards individually. The assessment provides annual health and safety assessments to ensure that our company is working in the safest possible environment.

What does this mean for us?

This accreditation gives us and our customers the confidence that our services are compliant with the Health and Safety Act. We passed the CHAS accreditation 4-step process and have now received a certificate and our approval letter. This is a great achievement for both us and the project management sector as it means that our work environment will become even more safe.

Going forward, being registered with CHAS will help us to identify areas for improving our company’s health and safety and to make sure we achieve them. Our regular customers know that we have always prioritised health and safety, and new customers now have an easy way to verify our health and safety credentials.