Help for Schools, a trading name of Brown Consult Ltd. brings together a team of seasoned professionals equipped with the knowledge and expertise to offer unparalleled advice and support tailored specifically for your school’s needs. With a diverse array of services, we are dedicated to ensuring that each school receives customised solutions aligned perfectly with its unique requirements.

Collaborative Approach: Our team collaborates closely with you to identify and implement the most suitable solutions for your school. We provide comprehensive support and guidance to ensure the efficient and effective operation of your educational institution.

Safety and Compliance: Recognising the paramount importance of providing a safe and secure environment for students and staff, we prioritise compliance with all relevant regulations and standards. Rest assured, your school will meet and exceed regulatory requirements under our guidance.

Commitment to Excellence: Our unwavering commitment is to deliver the highest quality of service and support, ensuring the success and prosperity of your school. With Help for Schools, you can trust that your institution is in capable hands.

Empowering Choices: We empower schools with the right choices and optimal options for estate and services management. From strategic planning to implementation, we provide guidance every step of the way.

Comprehensive Services: Help for Schools offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions, including:

Estates Strategy: Strategic planning to optimise the management and utilisation of school facilities.

Capital Project Management: Expert management of capital projects, ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery.

Consultancy for School Rebuilding Programme: Guidance and support for school rebuilding initiatives.

Contract Administration: Efficient management and administration of contracts to ensure compliance and accountability.

PFI Expiry: Assistance and advice for schools transitioning from Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts.

Procurement: Procurement services to source the best suppliers and solutions for your school’s needs.

Health and Safety Audits: Thorough audits to identify and address potential health and safety risks.

Energy Management: Strategies to optimise energy usage and reduce costs while promoting sustainability.

Facilities Management Outsourcing Advice: Guidance on outsourcing facilities management services for maximum efficiency.

Sustainability Advice: Recommendations for implementing sustainable practices and initiatives.

Compliance and Benchmarking: Support for ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and benchmarking against industry best practices.

Furniture and Design: Assistance with furniture selection and interior design to create conducive learning environments.

Funding Advice: Expert advice on securing funding opportunities for school projects and initiatives.

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